How to make a referral

Making a referral

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Pupils with additional support needs can be further supported through the use of assistive technology.  This could be in the form of a bespoke piece of hardware (e.g. a laptop, an iPad, a communication device), software (e.g. Nessy Learning Programme, Co-writer 6, Dragon Naturally Speaking) or using on-line learning tools and resources (e.g BBC Dancemat typing, Doorway Online, Help Kidz Learn)
A referral can be made by a class teacher, head teacher, Support for Learning teacher or another professional involved with the pupil.  The referral form is available on the next page (ICT to support ASN pupils)  to download.  Please email it to Shirley Lawson, Education ICT team 
The procedure for a referral as of June 2012 is:
  • immediate acknowledgement of receipt of referral
  • possible request for more information to be provided at this point
  • details inputted into ICT for ASN pupil database
  • Shirley Lawson to contact the person who made the referral to arrange a discussion and/or ICT assessment
  • Post discussion / ICT Assessment a decision will be made on what assistive technology could benefit the pupil.
  • Identify current equipment within the school to see if the pupil's needs can be met internally
  • Provide the required equipment out of central ASN budget
  • Shirley Lawson to deliver, set up and arrange training
  • Shirley Lawson to liaise with Support for Learning teacher on how the assistive technology is being used
  • Follow up annually to ensure support is still appropriate

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